wHaT pEoPlE aRe saYInG

August 17, 2010, Jacquelyn worked with Mechelle but at different companies Mechelle-is a HARDWORKER, with VISION, TENACITY and a great deal of STYLE. I recommend her highly. Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Lenora Peterson Ph.D
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USA Global Goodwill Ambassador/ Chief Executive Officer at ADVOCATE FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE & PEOPLE OF CHOICE PROGRAM August 16, 2010, Dr. Mechelle was SENIOR to Goodwill Ambassador Dr.LENORA but didn’t manage directly Dr. Mechelle Rabot is a very active member on CIRCLE OF SAINTS Of God Ministries Network with her TEACHING, Dr Robot created group for the members to join D.I.V.A.S by DESIGN International, ANNUAL CONFERENCE, and DIVAS having TEA Ministry. Her group is to help women from ALLWALKS OF LIFE. To help women become who God ordained them to be. Dealing with issues especially related to women that help in community of women helping other women. I personality and I truly recommend Dr. Rabot for her dedicated toward training others in her service. God bless you Dr Mechelle Rabot and thank you for your friendship and Christian love, Peace & Blessing Always, Pastor Lenora Peterson
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Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable August 16, 2010, Mechelle worked with Leah in the same group Mechelle is HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL, very FOCOUSED individual. She is very professional to both clients and coworkers. She is also very ACCESSABLE and always happy to MENTOR. Ms. Mechelle Rabot is the EPITOME of what a professional should be in her field of work. She is both CREATIVE and TALENTED. She’s a pleasure to know and I can’t wait to see what she COMES UP WITH next.