WHaT ARe YoU WaiTinG For?


  Have you ever wondered if your life was all it could or should be? I have many projects that I have done and quite a few businesses that were started in the past. However, being successful and making lots of money can be empty without having a true sense of purpose and having the pride of knowing that you are also somehow helping people.

You see, what I have discovered is that I really enjoy helping to add to the lives of others. When I am in a position to be there for and help others, I feel most complete. After all, success really is about assisting others to be the best they can be. No matter what you are designed to do, being a servant and having a servant’s heart is a success.

The first time I became a millionaire happened because of my desire to help single women with children gain employment. Also, my heart for hurting children was a channel to create another business. Working with women and helping them find and develop their best self that God has planned for them.

  Because it is in what YOU are gifted naturally to do that will make your life the most fulfilled and bring you the money you need to live. The personal growth YOU need to. The life you have been given is worth living and enjoying.

I have learned that I must follow my gifts, and in doing so, I will have created a wealthy life. Fulfilment in my personal life comes by doing what I am meant to do, what I was made to do. This is the year, yours and mine.

So stop waiting for some voice or inspiration from outside ourselves, lets look inward and just DO IT!