I am sitting on my balcony, restoring my soul to my right, a small table. There sits a tree, fern, and a vase with dried flowers on the table. The table has a beautiful glass top and is made of white wicker. Along each side of the table is two lovely chairs that match. It is a perfect spot to relax and restore. On the table is my cup of ginger and honey. I brew and have these most mornings excellent for the stomach.

The most beautiful thing about this is the great peace I feel sitting here. Above me are two hanging feeders, one for the birds and the other for the hummingbirds. I can hear the birds chirping. Below me, I can see the neighbours walking their dogs. Next door, they have cats, and they are outside most of the time. They like to nuzzle underneath my car for shelter.

There is something special about this morning. I had a visit from a frog. I can see where it is, but I hear it croaking makes me smile inside. The thing that brings joy is that I immediately thought there was no pond or water here, but there he was, big as life, announcing his presence to the surrounding world. I LOVED it.

I sometimes feel like that frog, coming out as big as I can be even though it does not seem like I should be there. How about you? Have you ever had a plan no one understood or a desire for something others thought was out of your reach? Sitting there that morning, just that frog and me, I got the message I believe God was saying to me, MeShel just leap.