Did you know that you really should change your make-up with the seasons? It really does reflect on your appearance. Here’s a quick guide on doing your make-up all year round.

For eye shadow, bright, bold colours are IN. There are great pinks, deep purples and awesome blues, not to mention oranges, greens etc. to check out as well.  Play up your eyes with these new shades.

You aren’t still wearing the same old makeup colours that you wore last winter, are you? Spring is coming, and there are some great new colours.

There are great new mascaras that make eyelashes longer and thicker.   The look of false lashes can be obtained, creating that so popular look.   One end fortifies and lengthens the lashes, and the other end coats the lashes with lush colour.   And when they say that it makes your lashes longer… it definitely works that way for me.

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I challenge you to test out DivaGlam’s foundations. They are definitely worth sharing.

To blush for this season, try a mixture of pink and peach for lighter complexions, peach and bronze for medium skin tones, and bronzer with golden tones for darker skin tones.   Two colours warm up complexions perfectly.  Try mixing the shades that you have and see how it works for you.

Full face make-up is not really necessary anymore (no matter what your age).  And in the summer, who wants full make-up on their face?   Use a tinted moisturizer rather than a regular foundation.  Also, foundation applied to your t-zone is acceptable and adding a sheer powder over the entire face after will do very nicely.  It will even out your skin tone and is so much lighter.

As far as fragrance goes, keep your summer fragrance light and fresh. A cologne or toilet water spray with some of the new aromatherapy scents is perfect. You can always go back to your regular or a heavier perfume at first frost. Overall, just think light, airy, sunny, and you can’t go wrong with less summer makeup.

Remember, “LESS IS MORE”, especially as you get older.  Take what you see in magazines and on tv and make it YOUR own. Those LOOKS are only guidelines for you to use.  If you remember this, always be a FASHION DIVA!!!

HaUTe PeoPle ProDUCt rEview


Hi Guys! I recently received these 8 products from DIVAGLAM COSMETICS in Dixon, California.

Here is what I received :

Mineral Liquid Foundation
This shade is called “Warm Yellow”. Even though this was not in my skin tone, I still tried it at home (in my bathroom just to test the texture. I like that it is creamy and lightweight. Quite often, liquid make-up tends to feel “heavy” or “cakey”. This one has a charming smooth velvet finish.
The unique thing about this foundation is that it comes with a mini-plastic-like brush, so you can actually “paint” it on for a more even finish.

Pressed Mineral Powder

This was in the shade of Medium Dark. However, it was still too light for my skin. It is a “pressed” powder; however, it goes from cream to powder. It comes in a “3 way” compact, pretty much like an Iman Foundation. The first part has a clear plastic showcasing the foundation, then under that, you will find a sponge and a mirror. Let me tell you … the sponge is really, really soft. You can tell that it’s a top-quality sponge. This is, as the name suggests,” compact”. Everything is included 

Fire Opal Eye Shadow

I loooove this shadow! It has a kinda “Rust Gold” thing to it. I know that sounds scary, but it is gorgeous. I especially love the fact that it comes in a bit of shaker, so it minimizes spilling. I also love the sleek clear container it comes in.

Eye-shadow and Shimmer

The eye shadow is in the shade “Chain Link“, and it’s #569. This is a dark greyish shade. This is great for a smokey eye, and because it’s not highly black, it can even be used to create a really subtle “Daytime Smokey Eye”. What I really like about this is that it has a shimmer in it. So if you are like me and like a slight shimmer in your eye shadow, you will love this.

The Shimmer I received is called “Heart Strings”, and it is #26. Ok, so I have this weird thing about smelling make-up, right? It smells like French Vanilla. But, it’s like really light gold, so when the sun hits it, it reflects beautifully. You can use this to create a daytime look or maybe a “Golden Goddess” Diva look .. like J.LO. 
Both products are available in what is known as “pots”. I actually prefer the individual pots to the compact shadows. It makes me feel like the shade was made just for me. 

Moisturize Rich Lipstick

I have to be totally honest, I’m not much of a “Lipstick Girl”, but I’m really starting to get out of my comfort zone and try different things. This one is called” Cherry Bomb”. It’s a sort of dark purple mixed with a bit of red. It’s not too red, nor is it too purple. It goes on like butter. You can feel your lips being moisturized. This lipstick is not one of those susceptible to “feathering”; it goes on and spreads out evenly on your lips. Also, it is packaged in a little Lipstick box, then the case itself feels like really soft velvet. Again the packaging is excellent!

Lip Polish

This Lip Polish is really “Glossy”. It’s kinda like the aftermath of Lipstick+ LipGloss all in one little container :-) I like that it’s reaaaaally red. So if you are looking to do a Dramatic Red Lip, I highly recommend this product. However, since it’s soo red, I would recommend applying it lightly.

Lip Liner

I received this Lipliner in Burnt Red. This is quite similar to a “Kohl lip liner”. However, it is a “True Color”, meaning that it goes on red and you only need to apply once; it is quite effective. No “Double Lining” is necessary. I especially love that it’s grey and not the traditional “black” colour, with the paint on the tip; I believe that beauty products should be pretty.

I must say that I loved each and every one of these products. I love where DivaGlam cosmetics is going with their line and the thought that went into developing and packaging these products. If you want the “Diva Look”, check out DivaGlam Cosmetics

Thank you, HAUTE PEOPLE, for the fantastic review, and for those of you who read my blogs, please visit our site and say hello.