MY MoNtH Of ThAnKs……giving

Thirty days of thanks

This is a time when the world stops to be thankful for the things that they have been given.  I this year am especially thankful.

I especially remember that even the past few years have been very difficult. A few things happened to me that caused my anixeity and panic disorder to blow up and I found

This is when the world stops to be thankful for the things they have been given. This year I feel incredibly grateful.

I especially remember that even the past few years have been very difficult. A few things happened to me that caused my anxiety and panic disorder to blow up, and I found myself afraid of the future and whether or not there would be one for me. I found myself obsessing over my mortality and what the future held, not just for me but also for the world.

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My challenge was this, how do I come to peace within myself. Mainly I was taught since age 8 that the world was coming to an end, and Jesus Christ was returning. I thought I was ready for this inevitable end until COVID happened; we were advised not to leave our homes. Millions died, and there was no readily available cure. Was this the Book of Revelations endtime, and was I ready for Life as I know it to change?

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Fear, frustration and uncertainty ruled me for a while. My thoughts led my body, and I, as much as I tried, couldn’t get it under control. You know therapists tell you that panic and anxiety happen when you feel out of control, and well, I was not, neither was the world I felt. Hatred has risen to an all-time high, meaning persons felt free for some reason to express it and act out. Riots, marching and protesting, became necessary.

Well, things have gotten somewhat quiet, but for how long. A vaccine was made, even that has caused more stress for our world. Questions arise: Should I or shouldn’t I? Then the powers that give an ultimatum oops job or no job are scary.

I am doing much better. I decided to go to a Mental Health Doctor (yes, as a Christian). I went, and I did get a medication to help me. This was hard because I felt I should be able to just handle this thing called Life. Prayer is a large part of my healing and peace. Also, I Journal to write out my fears, worries, and concerns before bed.

Write, Color, Glue Pictures etc

Anyway, I am sharing this to say that I AM THANKFUL. Each day is a gift. And even though I don’t know precisely what tomorrow will bring, I can trust God to take care of me. So I would like to challenge you to join me in the art of thankfulness daily, write it and add pictures in your own journal. Thirty days is what I ask, lets do it and just see what happens.

Forever Thankful


I jUsT DoN’T KNow


As I have stopped and slowed way down, the is a shift taking place in my life. It is a necessary SHIFT for me. To navigate the World as it is now, and not knowing what our NORMAL will be. I feel personally for me that different mindset is essential, but also scary requiring a huge step of faith on my part.

Over this past year and into this New Year, life has brought me face to face with me, what I believe in, what I thought was important, who and what I value and how do I move forward in life? I am admit to you reading this, and to myself that the process hasn’t been a pleasant one.

Depression has been a frequent companion, and even my panic disorder has flared up. At first, I allowed and felt self-pity hanging around pretending to be my friend. But you see it was not for what I have come to understand that one negative thought or feeling you entertain for too long, tends to always invite friends to join the party. Friends like depression, fear, loneliness, panic etc.

Hard times just kept coming, and my mental state kept up with the DRAMA. I began to feel ugly and body same myself as well. The irony of it is, I am a Christian Life Counsellor and inspire other women about loving themselves, overcoming the trials that life can bring. And yet here at this time under these circumstances I was falling prey.

Well I am just saying that no matter what, I realize that “I was not built to break”…kirk franklin. There is a master plan and I am still very much a part of it and so are you. No, life is not perfect but there is always light at the end of a tunnel, sometimes you just have to look really hard for it.


Rosa Parks 

On her legacy: “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free … so other people would be also free.”