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I love this advice or instruction and wanted to share it with my readers. I always stress the importance of skincare. My grandmother first told me a little secret that her mother taught her. She said that this was the secret to looking young later in life It involves a bit of process that, if practised, I have seen first hand it works. First, always cleanse your skin morning and night, especially at night. It does not matter if you have makeup on or not. Just make it a habit, and the Second is always moisturizer twice daily. The other advice she gave me that was of great importance was never to go to bed with your makeup on. She said this will save you years off the face.
I was told that going to bed with makeup on can age the skin by ten years!!!!!! WOW, just think ten years can be taken off your face by following simple steps 1. cleanse morning and night. 2. moisturize morning and night.
Today we have so many products to choose from, so just do your homework and find what works for YOU. I have listed a few products that I personally use and like very much; if you like, give them a try. My grandmother used Ponds cold cream and vaseline and nothing else. Now, this worked for her. At the age of 104, she had barely any wrinkles at all. Okay until next time
Remember, YOU only get ONE face, so treat it well.

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