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 Let’s talk Foundation for the woman sixty and beyond, our makeup needs change just as our wardrobe needs change. Many things change as we mature our skin texture on the face also changes. Foundation can be considered to be your second skin, only better, so using the right tools can help keep your face looking fresh and natural.
skin tone can be quite different also as we mature, we can develop light or dark spots, we lose elasticity, and wrinkles become more pronounced and can be either dry or sometimes oily as well. In order to keep your face looking natural, always choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone. In winter, our skin tone tends to be at its palest, so it may be necessary to have two one for winter when we tend to be fairer and one for summer when we darken up. Testing is important even if you feel you’ve got a perfect match in the bottle because the natural acid in our skin can change the tint of the foundation. If you tend to experience dryer skin during the winter months, try out a foundation that advertises hydrating properties.

Moisturizer is an essential part of your makeup routine. Keeping your skin hydrated will prevent your skin from drying or flaking. Ideally, your moisturizer or foundation should include sunscreen, to minimize further damage. After your moisturizer is set, if doing a full makeup look, apply concealer as you need it. The concealer should also match your skin tone, and it can help hide the appearance of dark circles under the eyes or red blemishes. Finally, apply the foundation lightly with your fingertips, or a blender sponge, or brush. I have found a tinted moisturer to be wonderful especially in the summer months and if I don’t want a full makeup look. The goal is to use a small amount or all over coverage, which helps keep the face looking fresh and healthy.

I personally love using a Mineral and Liquid Foundation or tinted moisturizer loaded with moisturizers and vitamins to help protect and put back into the skin what nature has taken away. I also have found that less powder is better for me. Powder tends to collect in all the lines and crevices making you look older a switch from powder to liquid may be recommended.

I would like to stress the importance of skincare my grandmother told me her secret for looking younger later in life.   Grandmother always cleansed her skin and used moisturizer both day and night. She taught me the importance of never to going to bed with your makeup on, and that this one act alone can help save years off the face. Going to bed with makeup on can age the skin by Ten years!! Just by follow these simple steps cleanse and moisturize day and night. I still follow her suggestions to this day.
Today we have so many products to choose from for this so just do your homework and find what works for YOU.  My grandmother used Ponds cold cream and Vaseline.  At the age of 104 she had barely any wrinkles at all and her skin was smooth and hydrated.

Remember, “LESS IS MORE”, especially as you get older. Take what you see in magazines and on tv and make it YOUR own, those LOOKS are only guidelines for you to use. If you remember this then you will always be a SASSY SIXTY DIVA!


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