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Introduce myself – who is she? what does she do, and where does she hail from.


About Mechelle

Dr. Mechelle Rabot is my official title, Chelle is what my family calls me, and lately I have been known to like Meche.

My life story includes being delivered from depression, anxiety attacks, anorexia, and agora phobia. This all started in my early 20’s ( 19 to be exact) through my mid 30’s.

I had a very real encounter with God when I was 8 and that experience shaped my life permanently. At 14 years of age I began public speaking, teaching the word of God. By the age of 16, I begin traveling and evangelizing in a ministry group every summer.

Because of my life challenges and being able to overcome them, I developed a real passion for helping other women that might be going through similar experiences.
The vision to counsel women suffering from mental illness, abuse, drug addictions and low self esteem, led to the formation and creation of my counseling group “D.I.V.A.’S. Having Tea”, we meet every forth Saturday of the month as a group as well as private one to one sessions.

I was entered into the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) the organization recognizes women who has achieved status in the business field. Also added to the Cambridge book of “WHOS WHO” for the year 2010-2011.

My honorary PhD in Theology with a minor in Christian Counseling (specializing in womens issues) was obtained from my studies at Rochville Seminary. Also as a member of the Professional Association of Christian Coaching, I am a recognized Christian Coach where I obtained my certification through the AACC.

Being a published Author of several articles and books well as a handbook for young women, “P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S Handbook (for young women ages 12-18)”, available on Amazon. Another one of my desires for younger women. Princess D.I.V.A.’S. to counsel/coach young women, ages 12-18.

Now for a bit of personal life. I absolutely love being Mother to four grown children and two Special Needs young adults. I felt a calling to foster special needs children when my children where young at that time we had six special needs as well as our own. These days we have the two who are grown and live with us still. Every day they teach me new life lessons.

So I am nana or grandma to six “munchkins” (that’s what I call them), and I am loving every minute of it. I never knew love like this love before them. Awesome!

Last but not least I am married to my best friend, confidant, Spiritual covering, lover my “bae” Daniel. We have had twenty-four marvelous sometimes trying years, how about we make it another twenty-four more at least?