I am sitting on my balcony, restoring my soul to my right, a small table. There sits a tree, fern, and a vase with dried flowers on the table. The table has a beautiful glass top and is made of white wicker. Along each side of the table is two lovely chairs that match. It is a perfect spot to relax and restore. On the table is my cup of ginger and honey. I brew and have these most mornings excellent for the stomach.

The most beautiful thing about this is the great peace I feel sitting here. Above me are two hanging feeders, one for the birds and the other for the hummingbirds. I can hear the birds chirping. Below me, I can see the neighbours walking their dogs. Next door, they have cats, and they are outside most of the time. They like to nuzzle underneath my car for shelter.

There is something special about this morning. I had a visit from a frog. I can see where it is, but I hear it croaking makes me smile inside. The thing that brings joy is that I immediately thought there was no pond or water here, but there he was, big as life, announcing his presence to the surrounding world. I LOVED it.

I sometimes feel like that frog, coming out as big as I can be even though it does not seem like I should be there. How about you? Have you ever had a plan no one understood or a desire for something others thought was out of your reach? Sitting there that morning, just that frog and me, I got the message I believe God was saying to me, MeShel just leap.




Ms Rabot holds a PhD in Theology and is a Certified Christian Life Coach. She has had the privilege to coach women in her organization “DIVAS having TEA”, a counselling group that meets monthly.
Becoming aware of my own self-worth was the beginning of an incredible new life journey!

“Being aware of my own power was the beginning of something truly amazing and fulfilling”.   Teaching women to value themselves and their skills…to move forward with pride and confidence…to live a genuinely inspired life in every sense of the word…

She is the creator and founder of Divine Inspired Living, a company dedicated to female entrepreneurs providing the tools they need to live in financial, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle full of abundance.

The approach that sets her apart from the other empowerment coaches is Classy + Sassy in its simplicity. Constantly reminding women to “raise The bar” While teaching women how to make money so they can create a divine Inspired lifestyle.

In addition to helping women help themselves, Ms Rabot teaches them how to share with others. Through her personal, group coaching and business program, she has coached hundreds of women delivered her message of professional and personal satisfaction to entrepreneurs.

Maintaining an unwavering focus on her mission to enrich the quality of life for women everywhere, Ms Rabot recently launched Divine Inspired Living Divas Retreat exclusively to women. The retreat focuses on every aspect of a woman’s world – integrating business tactics, money management, leadership guidance, spiritual growth with glamorous fashion, food, and travel.





I ended last year with a determined state of mind to find “ME”. While that may seem easy, it is, in reality, not relatively so easy for me. How many times have you promised yourself that you would do something to make a difference in your life? Have you totally given out so much of yourself that in the process, you lost you/

Well, that is where I found myself last year, 2020. I had reached my limit. The years before the pandemic was rough, I went through menopause (awful), and my body was changing. My mind felt like mush because hormones were out of control. I went through and still have body shaming. It was also the time my Anxiety/Panic Attacks came back with a vengeance.

Dr Mechelle

Panic is hard simply because you don’t really have any specific thing to be panicky over. What can start out as a typical day can turn in an instant and leave you feeling emotionally drained and physically tired? I just couldn’t figure out why it was back and how I would stop it.

As I sat down and looked at my life, it became a little more clear circumstances that may have contributed to my then-current state. First, we lost our business income (due to bad decisions on my part) and, as a result, lost our home. This was embarrassing, but I tried to pretend it wasn’t all that bad. Second, we had to move into our daughters home in one bedroom, and although she welcomed us, I felt like a failure as a parent. So no money, no home, no business, I just kept stuffing feelings down just so I could exist.

Today I am in a much better place. Emotionally I am better; financially, it is good. I am beginning to like myself again (I decided to have a tummy tuck, lipo, BBL) at 63! I will write more about that in another blog. It was, for me, one of the best decisions. My anxiety/Panic isn’t gone, but it is under control. I know that it is because of prayer (my faith in God) and medication (Good Therapy). Will I ever be completely free from Anxiety/Panic? Don’t know, can I be free? I believe that God can do miracles. In the meantime, I’ll continue to share my ups and downs, believing it will help someone else.

To be continued,


MY MoNtH Of ThAnKs……giving

Thirty days of thanks

This is a time when the world stops to be thankful for the things that they have been given.  I this year am especially thankful.

I especially remember that even the past few years have been very difficult. A few things happened to me that caused my anixeity and panic disorder to blow up and I found

This is when the world stops to be thankful for the things they have been given. This year I feel incredibly grateful.

I especially remember that even the past few years have been very difficult. A few things happened to me that caused my anxiety and panic disorder to blow up, and I found myself afraid of the future and whether or not there would be one for me. I found myself obsessing over my mortality and what the future held, not just for me but also for the world.

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My challenge was this, how do I come to peace within myself. Mainly I was taught since age 8 that the world was coming to an end, and Jesus Christ was returning. I thought I was ready for this inevitable end until COVID happened; we were advised not to leave our homes. Millions died, and there was no readily available cure. Was this the Book of Revelations endtime, and was I ready for Life as I know it to change?

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Fear, frustration and uncertainty ruled me for a while. My thoughts led my body, and I, as much as I tried, couldn’t get it under control. You know therapists tell you that panic and anxiety happen when you feel out of control, and well, I was not, neither was the world I felt. Hatred has risen to an all-time high, meaning persons felt free for some reason to express it and act out. Riots, marching and protesting, became necessary.

Well, things have gotten somewhat quiet, but for how long. A vaccine was made, even that has caused more stress for our world. Questions arise: Should I or shouldn’t I? Then the powers that give an ultimatum oops job or no job are scary.

I am doing much better. I decided to go to a Mental Health Doctor (yes, as a Christian). I went, and I did get a medication to help me. This was hard because I felt I should be able to just handle this thing called Life. Prayer is a large part of my healing and peace. Also, I Journal to write out my fears, worries, and concerns before bed.

Write, Color, Glue Pictures etc

Anyway, I am sharing this to say that I AM THANKFUL. Each day is a gift. And even though I don’t know precisely what tomorrow will bring, I can trust God to take care of me. So I would like to challenge you to join me in the art of thankfulness daily, write it and add pictures in your own journal. Thirty days is what I ask, lets do it and just see what happens.

Forever Thankful