Did you know that changing your make-up with the seasons is an excellent idea? Here’squick guide on how to do your make-up all year round.

Let me ask you a question, “are you still wearing the same make-up colours that you wore this Fall? Like the colours change season to season, so can your make-up, especially our foundation. We tend to get darker in summer and lighter in the Winter. So having a make-up wardrobe is something to think about. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend lots of money on this, but it is an excellent goal to have.

Having a neutral pallet is a must; I also recommend softer colours for Spring and deeper colours into Summer and Fall. When choosing colours seasonally, just go with the colours of nature, and that should make it easier. There are great pinks, deep purples and incredible blues, not to mention oranges, greens etc., to check out as well. Play up your eyes with these shades.

There are great new mascaras that make eyelashes longer and thicker. So the look of false lashes can be obtained, creating that open eye look. But, like me, I often find it frustrating to put false lashes on. I recommend trying a duel mascara with a primer and then the colour. The primer adds length and thickness, and then the colour enhances the lashes; one end fortifies and lengthens the lashes and the other end coats the lashes with lush colour. The second recommendation to try is the magnetic liner and strips, they work well, and you can take them off at night. . These definitely works that way for me.

I invite you to try DivaGlam Cosmetics foundations. They have mineral pressed and loose powder, jojoba liquid foundation, and HD foundations that give you that airbrushed finish. Specializing in colours for ethnic women. And the best part, it offers flawless buildable coverage.

To blush for this season, try a mixture of pink and peach for lighter complexions, peach and bronze for medium skin tones, and bronzer with golden, blue and red undertones for darker skin tones. Try mixing the shades you have and see how it works for you.


Full face make-up is unnecessary anymore (no matter your age). And in the summer, who wants full make-up on their face? So instead, use a tinted moisturizer rather than a regular foundation. Also, foundation applied to your t-zone is acceptable and adding a sheer powder over the entire face will do very nicely. This will help even out your skin tone and set your foundation.

As far as fragrance goes, keep your summer fragrance light and fresh. A cologne or toilet water spray with some new aromatherapy scents is perfect. Of course, you can always go back to your regular or a heavier perfume in Winter. Overall, just think light, airy, sunny, and you can’t go wrong with less make-up in the summer.

Remember, “less is more”, especially as you get older. So take what you see in magazines and on tv or youtube and make it your own. Those looks are only guidelines for you to use. If you remember this, then you will always be a make-up DIVA.

b’HUE-tifuly yours,




Your Natural Hair after sixty

Going natural isn’t always the easiest decision to make.

First, I encourage you to learn how to take care of your new head of super coily, silky curly short, water wavy and sometimes dry hair. Just realize it may be a substantial physical transition. Going natural can become your new challenge. But as it can be challenging, it is just as rewarding once you know your texture and how to use the right products for your particular hair type.

It would be a great time to reinvent yourself with a new year approaching. Remember, just because natural can mean chemical-free and to another with some chemical manipulation for ease of styling. It’s all good. You just do what makes sense to you and works for your lifestyle.

If you are looking to go natural here are some tips:

  • Get to know your texture and tailor your routine to this texture type.
  • Be patient; natural hair may take a longer time to style.
  • Use products that keep the hair hydrated, healthy, and manageable.
  • Wash and condition your hair in sections to cut down on tangles.
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo and a petrolatum/mineral oil free moisturizer to cut down on dryness.
  •  Be careful when using heating appliances.
  • Remember to protective style at night i.e slik head scarf or pillow case.

Follow these tips, and they can help alleviate some frustration when wearing your natural crown. Just keep working with it.

I have used a few products that I can recommend. Give some a try, and if you recommend, and let me know. Our hair can get thin, lose volume, and even change texture as we mature. Using a hair thinking serum on my scalp has helped tremendously. I use them along with the other products. Remember the 3 step system, which is Their 3 step system is to cleanse, Hydrate and define.

And also, remember what you fuel your body shows in our hair, skin and nails.
Please feel free to contact me regarding any products or have any questions.

Naturally yours,