FOr ThE DIva In YOu


“DivaGlam Cosmetics was created to make women feel and look good. It is an outward expression of an inward transformation, one which I see every time I help a woman to achieve her look.”….Me’Shel

DivaGlam Cosmetics

Beauty is an outward expression of an inward condition…..Me’Shel

Mechelle sent me a few items to test out and I’m happy to say that this stuff rocks.  Not only is the quality exceptional, but she absolutely nailed every color she sent me.  I couldn’t be happier, if I had been the one personally choosing the items! Wow!  Plus, they came beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper with a hand-written welcome card from Mechelle. 

1)  The first item is a full size, loose,  mineral foundation with SPF 15 in the shade “FAIR.”

“Minerals combine with antioxidants to provide flawless coverage while protecting skin from the sun.”  Excerpt From Bottom of Foundation Jar

This foundation provides easy, medium coverage and is a perfect match for my pale, winter shade.  The finish is not quite matte, but not glowy, either — rather, it’s a very soft, satiny look.  I’ve been using a synthetic hair, flat-top, kabuki style brush (like this) and application is a breeze.

2)   The second item is a gorgeous Healthy Lipstick in a shade called Mousse.  I absolutely love a deep, vampy lip and this stunning red-brown fits the bill.  Notwithstanding the delicious hue, Mousse also contains nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, avocado oil, grape seed extract and green tea extract.  Healthy & hot lips, much?

The lipstick packaging is fantastic — the texture is rubberized, similar to Nars’ packaging.
The top of the lipstick lid is actually a tiny window, so you can see the lipstick shade without having to look for names on the bottom or frantically tearing open lids in the middle of a manic morning.
This chocolate shade is dreamy and completely buildable, if you want to deepen it, which you’ll see I did in the pix to follow.
DivaGlam Lips

3) Mineral Gems in a shade simply called “Gold.”  This loose pigment has three ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide.  Doesn’t get any purer than that, folks.  The hue is a saturated, complex, shimmery,  medium gold.  I like to use a lot of golds in the summer . . .  looks so bronzed-beachy.  This one’s fantastic.  It comes in a transparent, hexagon-shaped container with a sifter and a silver lid.

DivaGlam Mineral Gems

4)  The final item is a pressed pigment called “Chain Link.”  Deep grey with multi-colored sparkles, this shade was made for the smoky eye, which I sport frequently.  These gunmetal hues often lean to the blue side on me (which I adore) and this one is no different.

DivaGlam Cosmetics Shadow
Chain Link Mineral Eye
DivaGlam Mineral Eyes

So, this weekend, we’re celebrating Love Muffin’s birthday and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to get all hotted-up and party hard in thanks for another year of togetherness.  I prefer to celebrate birthdays and such in week-long jaunts, rather than just one measly day, so I’ve been experimenting with some potential dance/party/laugh/cry/rejoice looks for the coming days.

 Below is a bold lip possibility and afterward are a mix of pix where I digitally and artistically played with the color and light.  Enjoy!

(Note: in all of the pix below, I’m wearing the following DivaGlam products: Fair foundation, Mousse lipstick and Chain Link eye shadow.)

This shot shows a good color-representation of the lipstick, Mousse, with a Buxom lipgloss on top for shine.
Here you can see the eye shadow, Chain Link. On the inner corners is a cream shadow called Intergalactic. They make a pretty mix.

~^~  Katie ~^~

“Behold, the winter is past . . . ”  Song of Songs 2:11  <><

Lavender Tea Journals


Hello! I’m an entrepreneur wealth builder, CEO/Visionary for growing sustainable revenue streams of income.

I jUsT DoN’T KNow


As I have stopped and slowed way down, the is a shift taking place in my life. It is a necessary SHIFT for me. To navigate the World as it is now, and not knowing what our NORMAL will be. I feel personally for me that different mindset is essential, but also scary requiring a huge step of faith on my part.

Over this past year and into this New Year, life has brought me face to face with me, what I believe in, what I thought was important, who and what I value and how do I move forward in life? I am admit to you reading this, and to myself that the process hasn’t been a pleasant one.

Depression has been a frequent companion, and even my panic disorder has flared up. At first, I allowed and felt self-pity hanging around pretending to be my friend. But you see it was not for what I have come to understand that one negative thought or feeling you entertain for too long, tends to always invite friends to join the party. Friends like depression, fear, loneliness, panic etc.

Hard times just kept coming, and my mental state kept up with the DRAMA. I began to feel ugly and body same myself as well. The irony of it is, I am a Christian Life Counsellor and inspire other women about loving themselves, overcoming the trials that life can bring. And yet here at this time under these circumstances I was falling prey.

Well I am just saying that no matter what, I realize that “I was not built to break”…kirk franklin. There is a master plan and I am still very much a part of it and so are you. No, life is not perfect but there is always light at the end of a tunnel, sometimes you just have to look really hard for it.


Rosa Parks 

On her legacy: “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free … so other people would be also free.”



That’s why if you can’t go forest bathing over a long weekend or, even get some sunshine right now, you may feel as though you’re losing a sense of control.

This is a time when stress seems to be at an all-time high. Being inside most of the time with love ones can render one with a feeling of hopelessness and agitation. The added pressure of teaching children while still having the responsibilities of caring for the home. Many have lost jobs resulting in loss of income and As Christians, we are to be thankful all year long, but we also want to take this time to acknowledge that God has been more than good to us.
I just want to bring to your remembrance that you are not where you were and that God has great things in store for you.  Thank HIM for everything he has done and just remember this week not to ask for things and just be grateful for the things YOU have.

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