I have been so amazingly and miraculously made.

Posting about the New Year took me a while because January is always the beginning of new resolutions. People make promises to themselves and try to manifest their desires, but sometimes they forget about them or only remember them at certain times. I looked back over the past few years and realized that I have fallen into one or more of those categories. For example, I remember vividly turning 60 years old and feeling good about it because people told me I didn’t look my age. Reaching a milestone like this is an excellent reminder to always keep our resolutions and manifesting in mind to try to make our dreams come true.

My life changed a lot in one day. I was feeling good the day before, but then I woke up in the middle of the night feeling really bad. The pain was so bad that I couldn’t move.

I was very sick for a long time, and I only found out it was sciatica. I’m amazed at how some events in life can change you entirely, no matter how big or small. The healing process was very long and challenging, and it was during this time I realized how hard getting older can be. I hate my sixties because I’m constantly finding new flaws in my body that I didn’t notice before. I have wrinkles and more fat than I want, and I find myself having negative conversations with myself almost every day.

I am sharing my true feelings because women are constantly told that they are not good enough the way they are. We are continually being told that we need to change our appearance, which is a battle many of us struggle with.

The upside is that I am finally learning to DREAM again and VISION CAST again. Going after what you desire is not a young person’s thing. I DESERVE, no, we deserve to hope, believe for better and look forward to what’s ahead. I am learning to take on one aspect of my life’s plan at a time. Finally, wisdom has taught me that I am just enough the way I am, and really physical things change and break down. NEWS FLASH fix what you can and let the rest GO.

I am always LOVED by my Heavenly Father, HE accepts just the way I am, but HE also corrects me and helps me become ALL that HE created me to be. And, after all, that is the most important.

Psalm 139:13-15
GOD’S WORD Translation
13 You alone created my inner being.
You knitted me together inside my mother.
14 I will give thanks to you
because I have been so amazingly and miraculously made.
Your works are miraculous, and my soul is fully aware of this.
15 My bones were not hidden from you
when I was being made in secret,
when I was being skillfully woven in an underground workshop.

No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to start vision casting again. Vision casting is the act of dreaming and planning for a better future, one that is full of hope and possibility.


VIctOry Is GuARAntEeD


Here we are again……

Ecclesiastes 1:9

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

As I look back over this year and if I am being honest the last few years have been quite interesting. In full disclosure, it has been very difficult to manage all that is happening in the world. The times are changing, things are very different from what is called the norm.

And yet King Solomon tells us that “THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN

I wonder if HE had a glimpse of the world today? My heart hurts for our future generation. There are no clear boundaries or directions, and I feel they are lost and can’t solve their problems by themselves. But here we are at the end of yet another year. This has for me been a year of loss and disappointment. Stress is often a constant companion. One such event that touched me profoundly was the passing of CICELY TYSON. I felt in my spirit that the wisdom of the world was departing with our elders.

I am looking back and staring at the way ahead and I am wondering WHAT WILL THIS YEAR BRING? This is a question I am sure others are asking as well. Well let me give you a short version of what GOD has impressed upon my heart. Two things are certain. The Bible says it best


But even so, the Spirit very clearly tells us that in the last times some will abandon the true faith because of their devotion to spirits sent to deceive and sabotage, and mistakenly they will end up following the doctrine of demons.

Going forward in this life we must do everyday things that keep our body, soul, mind, and spirit strong and connected to the real truth. Putting on the full Armour of GOD, we are in a spiritual battle. Know and walk in the fruits of the spirit. Being humble as doves yet wise as serpents.

One thing I know for sure is that I can face tomorrow because He (Jesus) holds my hand. He will NEVER let me FALL.

1 John 3:16

We know what true love looks like because of Jesus. He gave His life for us, and He calls us to give our lives for our brothers and sisters.




GRandMOther AlwAYs SAid


I love this advice or instruction and wanted to share it with my readers. I always stress the importance of skincare. My grandmother first told me a little secret that her mother taught her. She said that this was the secret to looking young later in life It involves a bit of process that, if practised, I have seen first hand it works. First, always cleanse your skin morning and night, especially at night. It does not matter if you have makeup on or not. Just make it a habit, and the Second is always moisturizer twice daily. The other advice she gave me that was of great importance was never to go to bed with your makeup on. She said this will save you years off the face.
I was told that going to bed with makeup on can age the skin by ten years!!!!!! WOW, just think ten years can be taken off your face by following simple steps 1. cleanse morning and night. 2. moisturize morning and night.
Today we have so many products to choose from, so just do your homework and find what works for YOU. I have listed a few products that I personally use and like very much; if you like, give them a try. My grandmother used Ponds cold cream and vaseline and nothing else. Now, this worked for her. At the age of 104, she had barely any wrinkles at all. Okay until next time
Remember, YOU only get ONE face, so treat it well.

B’hue-tifully you





Ms Rabot holds a PhD in Theology and is a Certified Christian Life Coach. She has had the privilege to coach women in her organization “DIVAS having TEA”, a counselling group that meets monthly.
Becoming aware of my own self-worth was the beginning of an incredible new life journey!

“Being aware of my own power was the beginning of something truly amazing and fulfilling”.   Teaching women to value themselves and their skills…to move forward with pride and confidence…to live a genuinely inspired life in every sense of the word…

She is the creator and founder of Divine Inspired Living, a company dedicated to female entrepreneurs providing the tools they need to live in financial, emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle full of abundance.

The approach that sets her apart from the other empowerment coaches is Classy + Sassy in its simplicity. Constantly reminding women to “raise The bar” While teaching women how to make money so they can create a divine Inspired lifestyle.

In addition to helping women help themselves, Ms Rabot teaches them how to share with others. Through her personal, group coaching and business program, she has coached hundreds of women delivered her message of professional and personal satisfaction to entrepreneurs.

Maintaining an unwavering focus on her mission to enrich the quality of life for women everywhere, Ms Rabot recently launched Divine Inspired Living Divas Retreat exclusively to women. The retreat focuses on every aspect of a woman’s world – integrating business tactics, money management, leadership guidance, spiritual growth with glamorous fashion, food, and travel.






Your Natural Hair after sixty

Going natural isn’t always the easiest decision to make.

First, I encourage you to learn how to take care of your new head of super coily, silky curly short, water wavy and sometimes dry hair. Just realize it may be a substantial physical transition. Going natural can become your new challenge. But as it can be challenging, it is just as rewarding once you know your texture and how to use the right products for your particular hair type.

It would be a great time to reinvent yourself with a new year approaching. Remember, just because natural can mean chemical-free and to another with some chemical manipulation for ease of styling. It’s all good. You just do what makes sense to you and works for your lifestyle.

If you are looking to go natural here are some tips:

  • Get to know your texture and tailor your routine to this texture type.
  • Be patient; natural hair may take a longer time to style.
  • Use products that keep the hair hydrated, healthy, and manageable.
  • Wash and condition your hair in sections to cut down on tangles.
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo and a petrolatum/mineral oil free moisturizer to cut down on dryness.
  •  Be careful when using heating appliances.
  • Remember to protective style at night i.e slik head scarf or pillow case.

Follow these tips, and they can help alleviate some frustration when wearing your natural crown. Just keep working with it.

I have used a few products that I can recommend. Give some a try, and if you recommend, and let me know. Our hair can get thin, lose volume, and even change texture as we mature. Using a hair thinking serum on my scalp has helped tremendously. I use them along with the other products. Remember the 3 step system, which is Their 3 step system is to cleanse, Hydrate and define.

And also, remember what you fuel your body shows in our hair, skin and nails.
Please feel free to contact me regarding any products or have any questions.

Naturally yours,



DiVINeLY, iNSPIred, ViCTORiouS, anoINted SIstERs


Wednesday,November 17

I received this wonderful e-mail from one of my sisters in the Lord, and it was the right time.  This coming New Year will be challenging, but it can also be my year of great fulfilment. Dreams that lay dormant, visions yet to come pass and promises can be kept. Change is about to happen, I believe time on earth is running out (according to Bible), but everything given to you and me can be the path.

The time is right for you and I both to just start. Beginning something new and stepping into the unknown is scary, but we will never know what is possible if we never do what is difficult. Your DESTINY and mine are already God ordained for us.  To impact your world around you. 

I am in great expectation just knowing that great things are in store for me. God has a plan, and I am going to fulfil it with his guidance. So why don’t you have that same expectation for yourself? 

Following is the e-mail that she shared with me. Take it and write it down and put it up somewhere you can see it daily, and no matter what, just remember it is your time for fulfilment.

Angela Jones sent a message to the members of the Woman WifeMother Conference!!! ——————–Subject: DivineDestiny-it’s Yours “2010”

10 representing “Divine Order”. It implies that nothing is wanting, that the number and order are perfect, that the whole cycle is complete. When you surrender yourself to God, you open the door so that God can work through you. God is Divine Love, Divine Light, Divine Power, Divine Wisdom, Divine Will, Divine Life, and Divine Order.

As 2022 approaches, it is my prayer that we all experience and walk in the Perfection of God’s Divine Order for our lives…….2021 ends…. let go of the past disappointments, past failures, past challenges, past heartaches, etc. and embrace what 2022 can be. Expect those witty inventions to come to you, that business plan to be clear, walking in your passion really takes off. And remember, 2022 can be yours to command.

Walking in Destiny,



HaUTe PeoPle ProDUCt rEview


Hi Guys! I recently received these 8 products from DIVAGLAM COSMETICS in Dixon, California.

Here is what I received :

Mineral Liquid Foundation
This shade is called “Warm Yellow”. Even though this was not in my skin tone, I still tried it at home (in my bathroom ..lol) just to test the texture. I like that it is creamy and lightweight. Quite often, liquid make-up tends to feel “heavy” or “cakey”. This one has a charming smooth velvet finish.
The unique thing about this foundation is that it comes with a mini-plastic-like brush, so you can actually “paint” it on for a more even finish.

Pressed Mineral Powder

This was in the shade of Medium Dark. However, it was still too light for my skin. It is a “pressed” powder; however, it goes from cream to powder. It comes in a “3 way” compact, pretty much like an Iman Foundation. The first part has a clear plastic showcasing the foundation, then under that, you will find a sponge and a mirror. Let me tell you … the sponge is really, really soft. You can tell that it’s a top-quality sponge. This is, as the name suggests,” compact”. Everything is included 

Fire Opal Eye Shadow

I loooove this shadow! It has a kinda “Rust Gold” thing to it. I know that sounds scary, but it is gorgeous. I especially love the fact that it comes in a bit of shaker, so it minimizes spilling. I also love the sleek clear container it comes in.

Eye-shadow and Shimmer

The eye shadow is in the shade “Chain Link“, and it’s #569. This is a dark greyish shade. This is great for a smokey eye, and because it’s not highly black, it can even be used to create a really subtle “Daytime Smokey Eye”. What I really like about this is that it has a shimmer in it. So if you are like me and like a slight shimmer in your eye shadow, you will love this.

The Shimmer I received is called “Heart Strings”, and it is #26. Ok, so I have this weird thing about smelling make-up, right? It smells like French Vanilla. But, it’s like really light gold, so when the sun hits it, it reflects beautifully. You can use this to create a daytime look or maybe a “Golden Goddess” Diva look .. like J.LO. 
Both products are available in what is known as “pots”. I actually prefer the individual pots to the compact shadows. It makes me feel like the shade was made just for me. 

Moisturize Rich Lipstick

I have to be totally honest, I’m not much of a “Lipstick Girl”, but I’m really starting to get out of my comfort zone and try different things. This one is called” Cherry Bomb”. It’s a sort of dark purple mixed with a bit of red. It’s not too red, nor is it too purple. It goes on like butter. You can feel your lips being moisturized. This lipstick is not one of those susceptible to “feathering”; it goes on and spreads out evenly on your lips. Also, it is packaged in a little Lipstick box, then the case itself feels like really soft velvet. Again the packaging is excellent!

Lip Polish

This Lip Polish is really “Glossy”. It’s kinda like the aftermath of Lipstick+ LipGloss all in one little container :-) I like that it’s reaaaaally red. So if you are looking to do a Dramatic Red Lip, I highly recommend this product. However, since it’s soo red, I would recommend applying it lightly.

Lip Liner

I received this Lipliner in Burnt Red. This is quite similar to a “Kohl lip liner”. However, it is a “True Color”, meaning that it goes on red and you only need to apply once; it is quite effective. No “Double Lining” is necessary. I especially love that it’s grey and not the traditional “black” colour, with the paint on the tip; I believe that beauty products should be pretty.

I must say that I loved each and every one of these products. I love where DivaGlam cosmetics is going with their line and the thought that went into developing and packaging these products. If you want the “Diva Look”, check out DivaGlam Cosmetics

Thank you, HAUTE PEOPLE, for the fantastic review, and for those of you who read my blogs, please visit our site and say hello.





Did you know that you really should change your make-up with the seasons? It really does reflect on your appearance. Here’s a quick guide on doing your make-up all year round.

For eye shadow, bright, bold colours are IN. There are great pinks, deep purples and awesome blues, not to mention oranges, greens etc. to check out as well.  Play up your eyes with these new shades.

You aren’t still wearing the same old makeup colours that you wore last winter, are you? Spring is coming, and there are some great new colours.

There are great new mascaras that make eyelashes longer and thicker.   The look of false lashes can be obtained, creating that so popular look.   One end fortifies and lengthens the lashes, and the other end coats the lashes with lush colour.   And when they say that it makes your lashes longer… it definitely works that way for me.

b’HUE-tifullly yours,


I challenge you to test out DivaGlam’s foundations. They are definitely worth sharing.

To blush for this season, try a mixture of pink and peach for lighter complexions, peach and bronze for medium skin tones, and bronzer with golden tones for darker skin tones.   Two colours warm up complexions perfectly.  Try mixing the shades that you have and see how it works for you.

Full face make-up is not really necessary anymore (no matter what your age).  And in the summer, who wants full make-up on their face?   Use a tinted moisturizer rather than a regular foundation.  Also, foundation applied to your t-zone is acceptable and adding a sheer powder over the entire face after will do very nicely.  It will even out your skin tone and is so much lighter.

As far as fragrance goes, keep your summer fragrance light and fresh. A cologne or toilet water spray with some of the new aromatherapy scents is perfect. You can always go back to your regular or a heavier perfume at first frost. Overall, just think light, airy, sunny, and you can’t go wrong with less summer makeup.

Remember, “LESS IS MORE”, especially as you get older.  Take what you see in magazines and on tv and make it YOUR own. Those LOOKS are only guidelines for you to use.  If you remember this, always be a FASHION DIVA!!!